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ELIM GOD produce beech sleepers, normal or special (changes or bridges) of different sizes, depending on requirements. Railway sleepers new products find their wide use and can be used in metro, trams, cranes and railways. The quality of these beams is guaranteed. Also, our offer spans beams STAS or request. Depending on the utility, these slippers are made as required, meeting all international standards. Upon request, the sleepers can be made in different sizes other than the standard. citeste tot


ELIM GOD is specialized in manufacturing and marketing a wide variety of wood species native timber, lumber and lumber types, own production with advanced equipment. Besides the possibility of drying wood materials, ELIM GOD has a capacity of 700 cubic meters / month, upon request, can provide customers both fixed timber size and special sizes. Concern for environmental protection and natural resource dependence current society are reflected in the company ELIM GOD acquisition policy logs focused on the careful selection of suppliers. ELIM GOD promotes and supports the idea of purchasing logs from forests managed under forest legislation. citeste tot


Logs offered by our company are of different species, sizes and different levels of quality. The quality offered is from SAW to veneer logs, available the following logs: oAK FAG CER citeste tot

Other products

Other products resulting from the sorting and processing of wood is firewood, chips or sawdust, which can be used in boilers or wood dust, and in household and industrial furnaces. For information about firewood or other such products, please contact us at the phone number or email address 0728.096.001 citeste tot